Why Oils Canada

 My passion, my life, my (mlm) business

What does joining my team/becoming my customer mean? 

Have a look at the 3 options. No obligations to buy or to start selling when you just like to use the amazing products..  Signing up with me doesn't cost you anything. Just use my number 2013690 (should be filled out already)

Become a retail member

As a retail member you can do 2 things. You can buy straight from me by clicking on the store button on top of the page and I will take care of everything.

Or you click on the button below and you sign up directly with Young Living. 

There are no obligations. No minimum you have to buy. It is completely FREE.

Become a wholesale member

As a wholesale member you have to sign up with Youngl Living. Just follow the link below.  

There are some "rules":

You do NOT need to buy a starters kit (just skip that part)

You do NOT have to start selling!!

You WILL RECEIVE 24% OFF from the retail price.

You have to spend a minimum of 50PV (aprox $60) per year to be a wholesale member. Just a note: Cosco will cost more, doesn't give you so much discount and doesn't have these healthy products!

Become a distributor

Share the products with others and earn some cash.

To do this start with signing up as a distributor/wholesale member. Then buy your starters kit to be able to share.

You can choose from two kits. Or you can buy them both ;-)

Sign up with me and lets start your own business.

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